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Past Exhibitions


. October 19th - 22nd @ Art Market Budapest in Budapest, Hungary: Very Best of Black and White

. December 8th - 10th @ FotoZA Gallery, in Johannesburg, South Africa: Best of Black and White


. January 14th-16th @ Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece: Art of Photography & Best of Black and White

. January 21st-February 18th @ Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago, Illinois: Very Best of Black & White & Photographer of the Year 2021

. January 28th-30th @ BBA Gallery in Berlin, Germany: Dramatic Lighting

. February 24th-26th @ Agora Gallery in New York, NY: Landscape Photographer of the Year & My Perfect Shot

. April 5th-10th @ Bangkok Art And Culture Centre (Bacc) in Bangkok, Thailand: Creative Composition

. April 29th-May 1st @ PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary:  Powerful Lighting

. August 18th-20th @ Gallery Gora in Montreal, Canada: Solo - Single Subject

. October 7th-9th @ Sparks Gallery in San Diego, California: Travel Photographer of the Year

. October 28th-30th @ Valid World Hall in Barcelona, Spain: Art of Photography


. January 15th-17th @ Galeria Valid Foto BCN in Barcelona, Spain:  The Art of Photography, Minimalism & Our Amazing Planet

. January 21th-26th @ Matca Gallery in Hanoi, Vietnam: Street Photography

. February 11th-13th @ Agora Gallery in New York City, United States of America: Photographer of the Year 2020 & Your Favorite Shot

. March 11th-14th @ Kontrast Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden: Dramatic Lighting & Solo Subject

. April 9th-10th @ Galeria Valid Foto BCN in Barcelona, Spain: The Art of Photography, Powerful Lighting & Street Photography

. April 16th-18th @ Laurent Gallery in Melbourne, Australia: My Exhibition Shot

. May 7th-9th @ BBA Gallery in Berlin, Germany: Nature Photography

. May  14th-15th @ Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece: Your Perfect Shot & Our Amazing Planet

. May 20th-22th @ Coningsby Gallery in London, UK: Black & White Photographer of The Year

. May 28th-29th @ Espaco Espelho d'Agua in Lisbon, Portugal: Best of Black & White and Storytelling

. June 10th-11th @  Almanaque Fotografica in Mexico City, Mexico: Art of Photography & Dramatic Lighting

. June 18th-20th @ Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece: Powerful Composition & Best of Black & White

. June 24th-26th @ Integallery in Compenhagen, Denmark: Travel Photographer of The Year

. July 2nd-4th @ 6x6 Centre of Photography in Limassol, Cyprus: Your Favorite Shot & Landscape Photography

. August 6th-8th @ Galeria Valid Foto BCN in Barcelona, Spain: Best Of Black & White, Art of Photography & Dramatic Lighting

. August 13th-15th @ Art Delight in Seoul, South Korea: Portrait Photographer of The Year

. August 20th-22nd @ PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary: Art of Black & White

. September 2nd-4th @ The PhotoHouse in Tel-Aviv, Israel: Portrait Photography

. September 18th-21st @ The Photography Show in Birmingham, UK: Art of Black & White

. September 30th- October 2nd @ Galerie Gora in Montreal, Canada: Powerful Lighting & Photogenic

. September 30th-October 3rd @ Kontrast Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden: Best of Black & White and Art of Photography

. October 7th-10th @ MIA Art Fair in Milan, Italy: Beauty of the Earth

. October 14th-16th @ Atelier Now in Dublin, Ireland: Art of Photography & Landscape Photography

. October 22nd-24th @  PH21 Gallery  in Budapest, Hungary: Powerful Composition & Solo Single Subject

. November 12th-14th @ FotoZA in Johannesburg, South Africa: Solo: Single Subject & Nature Photography

. November 18th-20th @ Stills: Centre for Photography in Edinburgh, UK: Creative Composition & Solo - Single Subject

. November 26th-30th @ India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, India: Powerful Lighting & Our Amazing Planet

. December 3rd-5th @ Praxis Gallery in Minneapolis, MS: Powerful Composition & Best Of Black and White

. December 9th-11th @ Coningsby Gallery in London, UK: Nature Photographer of the Year  

. December 17th-19th @ Laurent Gallery in Melbourne, Australia: Powerful Composition & Your Best Shot


. January 9th-11th @ Ravnikar Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia: My Favorite Shot

. January 17th-19th @ Laurent Gallery in Melbourne, Australia: Powerful Composition & Solo

. January 23rd-25th @ Hinterland Galerie in Vienna, Austria: Storytelling

. January 31st-February 2nd @ BBA Gallery in Berlin, Germany: Artistic Still Life

. February 6th-8th @ Gallery Photosynthesis in Vienna, Austria: Beautiful Imperfections

. February 14th-16th @ Valid World Hall in Barcelona, Spain: Minimalism and My Exhibition Shot

. February 21st-23rd @ Espaco Espelho D'Agua in Lisbon, Portugal: Creative Composition and Photographer of the Year

. February 28th-29th @ Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece: The Beauty of Earth

. June 5th-7th @ BBA Gallery in Berlin, Germany: The Art of Black and White & Powerful Lighting

. June 19th-21st @ Valid World Hall in Barcelona, Spain: Street Photography, Storytelling & My Exhibition Shot

. June 26th-28th @ Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece: Nature Photography

. July 17th-19th @ BBA Gallery in Berlin, Germany: Storytelling & Borders

. July 23rd-26th @ Kontrast Gallery in Stockholm, Hungary: Travel Photography & Powerful Composition

. July 24th-26th @ Espaco Espelho D'Agua in Lisbon, Portugal: My Exhibition Shot

. August 7th-9th @ The Space in Vancouver, Canada: My Exhibition Shot 

. August 13th-15th @ Valid World Hall in Barcelona, Spain: People and Places

. August 18th-24th @ The Brick Lane Gallery in London, England: Solo - Single Subject

. September 10th-13th @ Photosynthesis Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria: Art of Black & White - MIA Photo Fair 2020's selection

. September 10th-15th @ Matca Space for Photography in Hanoi, Vietnam: Memorable Portraits

. September 17th-19th @ Studio Galerie B&B in Paris, France: Nature Photography Exhibition

. September 18th-20th @ PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary: Art of Photography

. September 20th-21st @ The Photography Show in Birmingham, United Kingdom:  Solo - Single Subject

. September 25th-27th @ Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece: Art of Photography

. October 1st-10th @ Bucharest Photofest in Bucharest, Romania: Storytelling

. October 3rd-5th @ The Fridge Gallery in Washington, US: Mostly Black & Powerful Composition

. October 9th-11th @ Valid World Hall in Barcelona, Spain: Travel Photography

. November 5th-7th @ Stills Centre for Photography in Edinburg, Scottland: Your Favorite Animal

. December 3rd-6th @  Kontrast Gallery in Scandinavia, Stockholm: Our Amazing Planet & Art of Black and White

. December 11th-13th @ Laurent Gallery in Melbourne, Australia: Dramatic Lighting and Best of Black & White


. July 12th-14th @ Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, Greece: Your Exhibition Shot

. August 1st-3rd @ Photosynthesis Photography Center , Sofia, Bulgaria: Street Photography

. August 29th-31st @ Hinterland Gallery in Vienna, Austria: Borders

. September 12th - November 1st @ Consulate General of Brazil in Los Angeles in California, USA: Brincadeira de Crianca

. September 20th-22nd @ Laurent Gallery in Melbourne, Australia: Less is More and Dramatic Black & White

. September 27th-29th @ Ravnikar Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia: Solo

. October 4th-6th @ Art Market Budapest in Hungary: Amazing Architecture

. October 25th-27th @ BBA Gallery in Berlin, Germany: Mostly White

. November 1st-3rd @ Valid World Hall in Barcelona, Spain: Dramatic Lighting and People in the City

. November 8th-10-th @ Qlick Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands: Memorable Portraits

. November 26th @ #4th Israeli Photography Convention in Tel-Aviv, Israel: Our Amazing Planet


. October 10th-14th Art Market Budapest in Hungary: Silhouettes and Shadows

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