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I am a storyteller originally from Brazil and currently living in Los Angeles. As a first-generation immigrant, I am deeply committed to promoting JEDI+ (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging) in storytelling, both in front of and behind the camera. I am proud to be part of the BCorp's Pledge 1% community, which recognizes my efforts in this area.

Thanks to my experiences living and traveling abroad, I am adaptable to any environment, culture, and people. I am fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, which allows me to work effectively with clients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

I am always eager to learn from new experiences and consider myself a "forever student." I apply the lessons I learn to every project I work on. As a result, I was selected as one of the Top 40 leaders accepted by the FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference, a leadership incubator. I am also a mentee of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) and Ryan Reynolds' and Blake Lively's Group Effort Initiative (GEI). In 2023, I was selected for Coachella's Accessible+ Program, to advance the career of BIPOC PWD live event professionals where I had the opportunity to be mentored by GoldenVoice's Director of Festivals and photograph the Main Stage from the pit.

To further advance my business efforts, I was sponsored by Paysafe for an Entreprenista League, a membership community for current and future generations of women leaders and entrepreneurs. Additionally, I was chosen as one of the top 50 businesses for the Get Venture Ready Cohort by Fearless Fund and Ally Bank.



With over 14 years of professional experience, I have traveled to 10 countries and adapted to different situations, making connections that have translated into my career in photography as well as live event, film, and TV production.

I am a Telly Award-winning Producer/Writer, and my work can be seen on PBS American Masters' Elsa, which is currently distributed in over 20 channels throughout the country. I am also an exhibited photographer, and my work has been showcased in art galleries, fairs, and markets in more than 25 countries.

I have been involved in various capacities in the making of several films, including serving as a Crowdfunding and Social Media Manager and Associate Producer. The films I have worked on have been shortlisted for the 96th Academy Awards Live Action Short and have been seen in qualifying festivals in more than 6 countries.

As a result of my experience, I have served as a judge and programmer for prestigious film festivals such as Slamdance, Diversity in Cannes (sponsored by Viola Davis), Bushwick Film Festival, and ReelAbilities Los Angeles. I am also a member of TrendWatching’s Business of Purpose and enjoy mentoring students from UCLA, New York Fashion Institute of Technology, UNC-Chapel Hill, and American University through the T-Howard Foundation Programs.

I am currently developing more documentaries and narrative films, including This Too Shall Pass, which is a semifinalist for the Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards (Season 6) and a quarter-finalist for the Creative World Awards.


My Studies

Bachelor Degree in Social Communication with habilitation in Advertising and emphasis in Marketing (ESPM - RJ, BRA), 2014

Master in Business Administration (IAU - LA, USA), 2021

Scholarship, Business and Management of Entertainment (NYU Tish School of the Arts, Online), 2024

Stanford LEAD Preview: Creating a Life of Consequence: How Happy, Meaningful, and Successful Lives Really Happen, Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2024

Scholarship, MBS Illumination Program – 2023

Stanford LEAD Preview: Crisis Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2023

Stanford LEAD Preview: Neuroscience and the Connection to Exemplary Leadership, Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2023

Cinematography Fundamentals (NYU Tish School of the Arts, Online), 2022

Scholarship - Technical Improvement and Light Exposure (Atelier Bucareste, Online), 2021

Purpose-Driven Innovation (TrendWatching Academy - Online), 2021

Science, Spirituality and Society: The Three Studies of the Future (ESPM - Online), 2021

Emotional Intelligence – Escola Conquer, 2021

Awarded with Distinction - Certificate in Business and Management of Entertainment (UCLA, USA), 2017 

Awarded with Distinction - Certificate in Production (UCLA, USA), 2017 

Scholarship - Creativity Innovation and New Businesses (Fondazione CUOA -Vicenza, ITA), 2016

Future Thinking: Coolhunting and Trend Analysis (ESPM - RJ, BRA), 2015

Scholarship - Business Management (San Ignacio College - MIA, USA), 2015

Intensive Digital Marketing, ESPM – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2011

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