sharing emotions through different medias


▪ Co-Producer

 “Drowning” (AFI MOS Short Film), Thriller, 2019

▪ Associate Producer 

“Side Effect” (Short Film), Thriller, 2019 - Trailer (Kansas International Film Festival Official Selection)

▪ Production Coordinator 

“Who Brings Ice to a Funeral” (UCLA Thesis), Comedy, 2020 

“Cherry Lemonade” (Women in Media CAMERAderie Finalist Short Film starring Skylan Brooks, “Empire”, and Eris Baker from NBC’s Emmy Award and Golden Globe winner “This Is Us”), Drama, 2019 - (Pan African Film Festival Official Selection)

▪ Production Assistant 

“Game Changers” (Series Pilot with J Balvin, Las Villas, Cazzu, Raymix, and Amenazzy), Reality Show, 2019 

“The Big Feed” (Feature Film was written and produced by David Del Rio (“Grease Live!”, “Pitch Perfect”), Horror, 2019 

Audience Coordinator

Film Festival Programmer

Script Reader

Using Format