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Creative Composition

@ Bangkok Art & Culture Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. 2022.


 Opening reception:
Saturday 9th April, 5pm-7pm 

Opening hours:
Tuesday 5th - Sunday 10th April, 10am - 7pm  

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Bangkok Art & Culture Centre

"it is an arts and culture centre that creates a wide range of knowledge to ensure sustainability for society, an organization that aims for international excellence."

strategy 2017 people to understand the values and diversity
of arts and culture at
the local level to the context of the world creative processes to achieve new wisdom 3.create imagination and inspire arts and culture for the people to develop society to balance
4.develop arts and culture management to meet international
standards 5.create participation of all sectors in the development of arts and culture

1. use multiculturalism presented activities to value and meaning of difference 2. create activities to develop knowledge from cultural capital and.encourage further development 3.create activities that encourage imagination. creativity and inspiration from arts and culture for all groups of people.4.establish corporate international level 5.push thai contemporary arts and culture internationally.6.coordinate and connect networks to create activities in the development of arts and culture.7.communicate to society to realize values and recognize the importance of bangkok.arts and arts centre 8. manage resources, finances corporate management personnel management to create organizational stability.. 

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