sharing emotions through different media

Powerful Composition & Best Of Black and White

@ Praxis Gallery, in Minneapolis, United States.. 2021.


Friday 3rd December 7pm-9pm

Sat 4th & Sun 5th Dec 12pm-6pm  

Praxis Gallery

Praxis Gallery and Photographic Arts Center (PPAC) is a community based, non-profit, artist-led organization in Minneapolis that aims to support the development of new and emerging artists through exhibition and education. Our mission is to bring diverse perspectives into focus through lens-based art, creating photographic exhibitions that engage, challenge, inspire, and surprise the public.

As the only non-profit dedicated photographic arts center in Minnesota, PPAC has produced group exhibitions featuring local, regional and international artists. PPAC has presented four local solo exhibitions and local multi-artist pop-up exhibits since 2017 bridging artists and audiences by creating platforms for discovery and discourse through visual art.

Core Beliefs:

  • Art has a responsibility to participate in promoting social justice, civic responsibility, and public health issues.
  • Art as a form of activism contributes to perceptual transformation, public education, personal engagement as well as visual recreation.

These core beliefs provide our compass as we navigate our organization towards a cross generational and inclusive environment that creates thoughtful and energizing discourse.

PPAC is committed to a long view of programmatic sustainability, artist driven programming, community oriented and accessible events, and addressing diverse needs of audience and artists. Our community is comprised of the neighborhood in which our brick-and-mortar space is located. Second, we are the only dedicated photographic arts center in the region, which expands our reach beyond our neighborhood to photographers and photographic enthusiasts around the 7-county metro area.  Though PPAC is not limited to our local region our community stretches around the globe with support from artists and members from all around the US and throughout the world.

We understand that art galleries have historically been more accessible to a predominantly privileged audience. We are actively seeking feedback through community conversations from our local underserved community and building relationships with local artists from our communities. We are committed to creating arts programming that breaks down barriers and begins from a place of inclusion.

Selected Work

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