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  Art of Photography & Landscape Photography

@ Atelier Now in Dublin, Ireland. 2021.


Thu 14th Oct 7pm-9pm

Fri 15th & Sat 16th Oct 10am-5pm  

Check photos of the opening night!

Atelier Now

Atelier Now is a public gallery and creative studio located on Charlemont Street in the heart of Dublin city. Founded in 2018 by Maser, Atelier Now brings a fresh approach to creative programming, an openness to artists and a clear vision towards the future.

At Atelier Now, we strive to connect, inspire and open the art world out to new artists, audiences and traditions; and strengthen Irish contemporary art culture and industry through the sharing of knowledge, resources and skills. We do this through our public exhibition programme and our artist residency opportunities.

We also strive to connect the art world with the inner world by providing a space for those exploring wellbeing and balance - through regular meditation and wellness courses.

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