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Memorable Portraits

@ Qlick Gallery in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2019.

Opening hours

Friday 8th November 5pm-8pm
Saturday 9th November 12pm-4pm
Sunday 10th November 12pm-5pm

Qlick Gallery

QLICK Gallery is a photography gallery in the heart of Amsterdam, where talented artists show their fresh, innovative view of the world. It is a friendly environment where people can walk in, explore our collection and enjoy the exhibition that we are hosting at that moment. Here art lovers can become young urban collectors.

Besides hosting exhibitions at the gallery and the presentation of our artists, QLICK Gallery organizes events in a joint venture as WE ARE THE GUYS, which stands for innovation, collaboration, sharing and joining forces. They seek for new alliances with the aim to change the current art scene.

QLICK Gallery is part of the selection committee and advisory board of KunstRAI Amsterdam Art Fair.

Selected Work

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