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Production Assistant - TurboTax Live 2022 Super Bowl Commercial “Matchmaker” (Official TV Ad :45), 2022

Production Company: Arts & Sciences

Producer: My mentor, Kristin Porter

DP: Matthew Labatique

Director of Photography - Deaf Rights in Residential Treatment Centers - PSA, 2021

A short educational video discussing the fair housing rights of deaf and hard of hearing persons in residential treatment facilities (RTFs). The video portrays the positive experiences of deaf and hard of hearing persons working through their addiction issues in the warm and supportive environment of an RTF.  

The ASL videos feature veteran Hollywood actor and Academy Award nominee Paul Raci. Mr. Raci received wide acclaim for his performance as Joe, the mentor to the main character in the groundbreaking film Sound of Metal, set in a treatment center for deaf and hard of hearing persons. Like Joe, Mr. Raci has dealt with his own addiction issues after serving in Vietnam. Deaf cast members featured in the video include Dre Hollingsworth, Alejandro Rea, and Neil Sprouse. 

Production Company: Hypernovas Productions

Directed and Produced by Jules Dameron and Joshua Castille

All three versions can be downloaded for use by other fair housing, disability rights, and civil rights organizations.

Producer - Oculus Unplugged Trailer, 2021 

Production Company: Scout House

Director: Devin Embil

DP: Wyatt House

Associate Producer - Oculus Lacernauts Trailer, 2021

Production Company: Scout House

Director: Phil Eichenauer

DP: Mark Evans

Associate Producer - Oculus Shadowgate Trailer, 2021

Production Company: Scout House

Director: Phil Eichenauer

DP: Mark Evans

Account Assistant - Rock in Rio - "The Boss", 2014

Starring Donald Sutherland ("The Hunger Games") - Served as liaison to Rock in Rio, the largest music and entertainment festival (US, Brazil, and Portugal editions), also being responsible for managing its advertising budgets. Commercial broadcasted in the biggest media in Brazil with a record of sales.

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